Let the Music Play … the way YOU want.

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When it comes to your wedding reception, needless to say, music plays a vital element. There are many decisions to be made, so how do you start? The basic breakdown of a reception is as follows: cocktail hour, dinner, dancing – plus specialty songs for introductions, formal dances, cake cutting, bouquet/garter and last dance. The “feel” of a reception is really up to you. For the cocktail hour, do you prefer jazz, adult contemporary (i.e. Jason Mraz, Michael Bublé), mainstream or something else? Keep in mind that even early on, songs with lyrics matter. Songs about love, romance – a good positive feeling, set a great tone. Songs such as “Baby, I Love Your Way,” “Everlasting Love,” or “I’m Yours” create a good upbeat vibe. But your style and tastes are important. Getting some of your favorites into the mix is a nice way for the DJ to announce “These are some of the bride and groom’s favorites” to get your personality into the reception early on while you’re getting your photos done. Dinner is typically soft music, from standards to love songs, and then --- the party! Weddings are filled with friends and relatives from 8 to 80! So a nice mix of new and old works best. Line dances are popular at weddings because they build a sense of camaraderie and you don’t need a partner, per se. Your DJ can read the audience and adjust the dance music to what is moving the crowd. Your specialty songs such as the introduction can be upbeat and fun (remember, your reception is like popping champagne to your new life) or rather reverent. Since DJs do a lot of weddings, when your are stuck for a song idea, we can help. So, sitting down with your DJ to explain your tastes and requests is a great idea. Music – it’s what we do. Your first dance, father/daughter, mother/son dances. These should be songs where the lyrics represent your feelings or songs that mean something --- a great song you heard on your first date, a song dad or mom loves. Deciding on the direction and choices of the music is a fun exercise and your Astro DJ is here to assist you every (dance) step of the way!

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