Up to three parties in one without sound but a lot of dancing?


Silent Disco is HEAR to stay, and your guests get the power to choose what they want to hear!

The concept is simple – each guest receives a pair of wireless headphones when they arrive at

the party.  Each headphone has 3 channels and a volume button.  Each channel is tuned to one

of (up to) 3 DJs, and is color coded in neon red, blue or green.  Switch channels to hear what the DJ is playing! 

  • Each DJ will wear red, blue or green!

  • Switch channels on the wirefree headphones to red, blue or green to hear what the DJ is playing

  • Headphones switch colors so you know who else is listening to YOUR DJ!


Call Astro today at 757.460.2224 or 1-800-67-ASTRO or email: Sales@AstroDJ.com. For a complete list of Astro staff and contact information, click contacts

Remember, with Astro Silent Disco, if you want to talk – take off the headphones and chat – no loud music, and the other benefit is you won’t “wake the neighbors”!   Shhhhhh …. The party has started!

Silent Disco
Silent Disco

Silent Disco
Silent Disco