Mike Abston

Mike has been DJ'ing for two decades.  During those early years, he was also a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy.  While in the Navy, he honed his skills DJ'ing radio shows aboard the USS Enterprise, USS George Washington, and at JTF GTMO, Cuba. On why he became a DJ, Mike says "I had a genuine love for an extensive variety of music genres and a burning desire to entertain.  Oh, and since I couldn't sing or play an instrument - well, I became a DJ!!"  Hey Mike, how do you approach your parties?  "I make sure the entire group is enjoying the event no matter what that may be. I typically feed off of the energy of the crowd/guests and want to leave them with the feeling that I was not just a DJ, but that I was actually a part of the group!"  Mike is adept at every kind of party, but he likes to add "I have a unique knowledge of all military functions!"