Karaoke - Your Stage Awaits!

Well, here's your big break! You and your guests can sing like your favorite artists with Astro's Karaoke. Just choose a song from over 20,000 songs in our digital library, grab a microphone, and sing the lyrics as they appear on a monitor right in time with the music.

  • Karaoke makes you a star. One of our talented KJs (Karaoke Jockeys) will assist your guests in selecting their favorite songs and encouraging them to participate in solos, duets, or even groups. Astro Karaoke will make your next event one that your guests will not forget. Whether you're planning a picnic, birthday or corporate party, be sure to ask for Astro's Karaoke!

  • Astro's Karaoke Kraze makes YOUR guests the stars by putting them IN a music video!  The guest is filmed in front of a green screen while singing their favorite karaoke song.  Then Astro digitally replaces the screen with a music video, so it appears the guest is the star of an MTV-type music video.  Astro also gives the guest a DVD copy of their performance!

  • Sing Like a Rockstar with SingTrix!  You can sound like your favorite rock, country or hip hop superstar regardless of natural ability. Singtrix® instantly gives you the voice you've always dreamed of having. Sing in-tune with fuller tone and greater vocal control without hours of practice or expensive vocal lessons.  Features more than 300 amazing effects covering every genre & generation of music.  Great add on for any Karaoke Party!


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